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3D Printing for Tomorrows Einsteins

I cannot describe the satisfaction both the students and I felt when seeing an object from their brain appear on the heated bed of the machine before them. Thirty-six students were all crowded around the printer during that first lunchtime, and every time since, watching in awe as each layer built upon itself. The machine brought to life the item that, prior to that moment, had only lived within the imagination of a middle school student.
I bet I could sell tickets to watch the thing print, that's how mesmerizing it is. I could build bleachers in my classroom like in the film Field of Dreams because it's true: If you build it, they will come (and eat their lunch, too).
-Heather Wolpert-Gawron

Twin Cities Makers and Pintstein's Makeathon

A 28 hour event designed to bring teachers and makers together to learn how to use 3D printers and design software. The schedule starts with a formal class designed for 3D printing novices.  3D printing 101 is optional if you already have some hands on experience with 3D printing.  Around 1pm or noon we will let you explore and brainstorm what you want to make during the event.  3D printing jobs that take over an hour to complete will be put on a waitlist so that every teacher is getting hands on experience with multiple 3D printers that first day.  At 3pm saturday everyone registered for the laser cutting class will gather in the classroom and everyone else is welcome to keep on making to their heart’s content.  Your host will be on site to help you with 3D printing and modeling for the entire 28 hours.  You are by no means expected to stay the whole time.  Think of this as a party. Do what you want but make sure you are being excellent to each other.

We will provide access to five 3D printers, 4 of which are the property of Pintstein.  Pintstein is a Mad Scientist Toy Company founded by Patrick Raines.  Patrick dropped out of a PhD program and considered getting a teaching license but after he was accepted into the UMN’s initial licensure program he realized that getting the license was going to take 2 years.  Patrick chose to explore other career options instead.  Patrick has been teaching himself 3D printing in order to prototype Bioinformatics Kits (sort of like organic chemistry kits but for decoding the language of life).  Teaching himself 3D printing was hard but Patrick sees ways to help other people learn this new technology faster.  Patrick’s startup company aims to help kids get access to 3D printers because 3D printing is time expensive and children are the most time rich members of society.

Buy tickets for just the Makeathon or the Makeathon and any of the formal classes from eventbrite. Hosted by by TC maker at the Hack Factory, 3119 East 26th Street, Minneapolis, MN 55406. Starts: 11am July 16th 2016
Ends: 3pm July 17th 2016

  • 3D printing
  • free for participants of the event
  • Fast Quotes
  • Local Pickup Available
  • Shipping Optional
  • Most Prints Completed Within 1 Day
  • Order a Print
  • 3D printing 101
  • $10 per person
  • Browse Thingiverse
  • Downlad an STL File
  • Start a Print
  • Design Your Own STL File in Tinkercad
  • Read More
  • Custom Designs
  • free for participants of the event
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Bring Your Ideas to Life
  • Mesh Modeling in Blender
  • Scalable Vector Graphics in Inkscape
  • Read More
  • 3D Printer Repair
  • $50, Starting at
  • Diagnostics
  • Calibration
  • We Come to You
  • Free Support
  • Read More

Formal Classes

7/16/16 11am-1pm - 3D Printing 101: a course designed to help novices start 3Dprinting. Repetier-Host and Slic3r are the free printing and Gcode generating software that I will talk about. The class will also talk about how browsing can be a great way to find free designs that you want to print. TinkerCAD is the most user friendly design software and participants will get to design their own .stl file. Do you know the difference between a .stl file and a .Gcode file? If your answer is no then this class is right for you, if your answer is yes then you might rather come to the event around 12pm

7/16/16 3pm-5pm - Lasercutting and Inkscape: a class designed to get you started using this precision cutting tool. Learn how to operate a machine that cuts wood, plexiglas or foam with a 90 Watt Full Spectrum Laser. The class also covers making vector graphics in a free program called Inkscape. Operating the laser safely is easy. Operating the laser safely and making sure that you don't do any damage to the machine or try to cut a material that will make a fire, poison gas or both is a about as complicated as baking a cake. Can a novice, who knows nothing about cooking, learn to bake a cake in a two hour class? I think so, but it requires actually baking a cake, which is what we will do. We will talk about laser cutting and then we will go give everyone hands on experience with the laser cutter.
Precision cutting is really cool but it is only a tool if you know how to make your own vector files. So this class includes a section on inkscape design to get everyone off to the races, making their insane ideas a reality. I absolutely love the way that scaleable vector graphic files think about images. It is a fusion of emotion and math that laymen need to see to understand. There are plenty of things I used to make in photoshop (GIMP) that I now make in Inkscape with higher precision and less time.

Meet the Printers

Monoprice Dual Extruder

If you bought one, it would arrive ready to print for $649.99.

Printrbot Simple Maker

This model is obsolete. Check out the Printrbot Play $399 assembled or as a kit.

M3D Micro

Comes ready to print for $349 but the proprietary software is not my favorite.

Velleman k8200

DIY kits cost $489.95 Assembly requires a ridiculous amount of soldering.

I3 Prusa

DIY kits cost $279.99

Let us know you are interested

If the makeathon sells out, that will be a good problem to have. I will just do it more than once. 15 people is the maximum that can symbiotically share five 3D printers and one instructor but we can temporally partition those resources.

Our Contact Details

Address: 1539 Grand Ave. Saint Paul, MN
Phone: 651-491-6928

Ask a Mad Scientist

It might seem strange that a lone Biologist can master 3D printing but there is a wealth of people sharing free knowledge and tools on the internet. I am not mastering 3d printing alone, I have an army of mad scientists, mad engineers, mad lawyers, ect on my side. Okay, maybe they aren't on MY side but we are all allies in the battle against ignorance. What do you need to defeat ignorance? Maybe I could be an ally in your battle.