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Pintstein is here to get you past the roadblocks to your 3D printing goals. You can pay me $20 an hour to design an object for you or to tutor you on a design software. three years ago, I knew nothing about 3D printing or 3D modeling but the drive to prototype ideas for educational toys got me through the worst of the learning curve for the free software Blender.

Blender is designed to make animated movies and its method of 3D modeling reminds me a lot of sculpting clay. Blender’s mesh modeling makes modifying other people’s STL files really easy but parametric modifications can be really hard. I think artists will love blender and engineer will hate it.

I just wrapped up a class on Solid works at Dunwoody but if you want me to tutor you on Solid works it is going to have to be at CoCreateX because I only have access to solid works through that Maker Space. If you want your part to be mass produced with something like injection molding, this is the software that you want me to use. Blender is not a parametric software. For some reason engineers and manufactures only comfortable with parametric software like blender and fusion 360

TinkerCAD is the most user friendly design software that I have come across. Thus TinkerCAD is the software that I teach in my 3d printing 101 class. TinkerCAD is made by Autodesk and some of the aspects of laying out your design transfer to their more advanced packages. In theory, TinkerCAD gets you ready for Autodesk Fusion 360 or one of their paid softwares.

I hit a brick wall when I started trying to use STL files to program a CNC machine. Autodesk Fusion 360 is free to educators and has the CNC programming capabilities that I need as well as every other 3D modeling capability. However I am still a rookie with this design software.

I have gotten pretty good at programming laser cutters with the free software Inkscape. If you have a black and white image that you would like laser cut or engraved let’s talk about your product. My laser cutting fee is $20 per hour because I pay $5 an hour to have access to a machine that can cut wood, acrylic or foam so long as it fits in a 33" x22" bed.

OpenSCAD is another free 3D modeling software but I have not put much time into mastering it. If you are comfortable with coding check this software out.

Google Sketchup gets talked about as a free modeling software but it is not really free and it is not great at making solid objects.

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3D Printing Technician and Instructor for Schools

The most pervasive organizations that will purchase 3D printers are schools.  I'm a licensed short-term substitute teacher. I think that there is a great potential for me to provide schools with low cost 3D printer maintenance during the planning period of my substitute schedule.  I currently have a contract with the St. Paul and Minneapolis School Districts and I am more than happy to fill out the paperwork to be a substitute in other school districts.  When I was substitute teaching full time, I made more than I do at Boston Scientific but the work lacked a sense of meaning and fulfillment.  However, I bet that there is a way for me to be a substitute teacher, covering 1 week vacations and bringing 3d printing workshops to geometry, engineering, science and art classes all around the twin cities in a fulfilling manner.

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3D printing can be really challenging but pintstein is dedicated to helping you get past roadblocks to your goals

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It might seem strange that a lone Biologist can master 3D printing but there is a wealth of people sharing free knowledge and tools on the internet. I am not mastering 3d printing alone, I have an army of mad scientists, mad engineers, mad lawyers, ect on my side. Okay, maybe they aren't on MY side but we are all allies in the battle against ignorance. What do you need to defeat ignorance? Maybe I could be an ally in your battle.