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About Us

For now Pintstein LLC is owned and operated by one man so maybe the title should say About Me but I hope my company will not be a Sole Proprietorship forever. My name is Patrick Raines in 2013 I dropped out of a PhD program in Animal Behavior with a Masters in Biology.  I bounced around a little bit and eventually thought of something more exciting than anything in my PhD thesis ever was.  To bring this secret inspiration to life I was going to need the respect of industry professionals and reputable scientists.  3d printing was clearly the way to make an insane idea a real object that professionals could assess in the palm of their hands.

I have functional prototypes of my "Bioinformatics Kits" that you can see in private meetings. I am trying to find a profitable path to get the kits produced with injection molding. Pintstein was founded to make science education toys but teaching people the science behind how to make their 3D printers reliable has been more financially successful. I am going through a lot of transitions this year, including planning a wedding, but Pintstein is still here to help you learn 3D printing. What are your dreams? How can a Mad Scientist make them a reality?

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Unleash your Creativity

I purchased several 3D printers in order to prototype educational toys but I am happy to use my printers to bring your ideas to life. A little over a year ago I knew nothing about 3D printing and I was frustrated that I couldn’t find anyone willing to teach me so now I offer my educational services. I hope Pintstein becomes the convenient technical support that allows Minnesotans to make their insane ideas a reality. I am really excited to see what children do with 3d printers because a lot of shapes that were previously impossible are now possible

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3D printing can be really challenging but pintstein is dedicated to helping you get past roadblocks to your goals

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Address: 1883 Cedar Dr. New Brighton, MN
Phone: 651-491-6928

Ask a Mad Scientist

It might seem strange that a lone Biologist can master 3D printing but there is a wealth of people sharing free knowledge and tools on the internet. I am not mastering 3d printing alone, I have an army of mad scientists, mad engineers, mad lawyers, ect on my side. Okay, maybe they aren't on MY side but we are all allies in the battle against ignorance. What do you need to defeat ignorance? Maybe I could be an ally in your battle.